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((Information in English is currently a work in progress))

Welcome to the Swedish Go Association!

We exist to promote the game of Go in Sweden and organize the Swedish Go clubs on a national level as well as maintain contact internationally.

  • If you want to visit a go club in Sweden you can find clubs in some of the larger cities:
    Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Västerås.
    Each club has it's own website. You can find a link to all clubs in Sweden here.
  • We also organize the Swedish online Go club. See this page for more information.
  • We have set up a discord chat (Invitation Link) in an effort to gather players around Sweden even if they are playing on different servers.
  • If you want to join a tournament, please find a list of the Upcoming tournaments and events in the top right box titled:
    "Kommande Evenemang
    Upcoming Events"


Please contact us if you need assistance: styrelsen@goforbundet.se