Go-läger med Antti Törmänen (1p)

It is my pleasure to invite all Nordic go players to the ’Go Retreat at Ask Island’ in Bergen, Norway on 3–9 August 2020!
It has long been my dream to start holding events in Northern Europe that bring together traditional Asian go philosophy and the Nordic lifestyle. Last year, by chance I came upon the Ask Retreat Centre in Bergen, which seemed like the perfect location to try out my concept. The retreat centre has many separate buildings that are made for meditation and yoga, but also make for a great go-playing environment – you can check out some of the retreat centre’s photos here. Together with our team of organisers, we are looking to create a relaxed learning experience where you can make acquaintances with other go enthusiasts from the Nordic countries, and also around the world!
Because our venue is relatively small, we can only host 30 people, including the organisers. There are in total 14 accommodation spots at the venue for students, and we can additionally take in eight students who arrange their own accommodation. At the time of writing, there are only five spots with accommodation and six spots without accommodation remaining – so, if you want to register, please respond to this email as soon as possible! For the time being, registering is not binding.
The full participation fee of the go retreat is 800 euro for six nights, which includes accommodation, teaching (lectures and reviews of league games), three vegetarian meals a day, morning yoga, side activities (go-related and not), and car transport from Bergen airport to the venue and back. If the participant arranges their own accommodation, the fee is 300 euro.
The Ask Retreat Centre provides us wonderful recreational facilities. As you can see in the attached promotional leaflet, the venue itself is stunning, and we can easily arrange mountain hiking and fishing trips. There is also a sauna and swimming possibility, and one of the many buildings we have rented includes a video projector and audio system.
Join us to make this retreat a success!
Antti Törmänen
måndag, augusti 3, 2020 - 08:00 till söndag, augusti 9, 2020 - 20:00
Bergen, Norway